Monday, 24 January 2011

What’s it like working in Sri Lanka?

  • Average working hours: people in Sri Lanka work a five-day week, from Monday to Friday. Office hours are typically 9am to 5pm for government and business, 9am to 3pm for banks and 10am to 6pm for shops.
  • Holidays: around 25 public holidays are available in Sri Lanka in addition to the leave granted by companies for employees.
  • Average graduate starting salary: salaries for junior managers are £76 - £103 per month and for senior managers £152-£334 per month. Average minimum salary for trainees, up to six months, is £26 per month.
  • Tax rates: individual taxable income rates are set at 5% on the first 300,000 rupees. After that, tax rates are on a sliding scale, up to 35%. For further information see Sri Lanka Customs
  • Working practices and customs: business dress, greetings, communication styles and business meetings are all very similar to the British system.

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